TVERC and Professional Practice - How Can We Better Help Each Other?

FREE Networking and Feedback Event

Are you a professional ecologist in Berkshire and Oxfordshire working to enhance and protect our natural environment? 

Do you want to work with us to ensure decisions intended to enhance and protect our natural environment are always based on the best available information?

If so, we're very pleased to invite you to the first Networking and Feedback Event for professionals ecologists which TVERC is hosting. This is a unique opportunity to come together and share your knowledge on the practicalities of working with biological data.

TVERC already uses creative solutions to interpret natural environment data. However we are always looking to offer improved approaches to the use and analysis of our data, and to harness the latest data science approaches to address limitations in our coverage, and to offer an improved summary of the biodiversity of any target area. 

We have ecological consultants within our staff team and represented on our partnership Steering Group, but we'd like to better understand how we can help you offer the best service to your clients

We believe that improved ways of handling, processing and presenting our data can save time and money, and most importantly protect and enhance our environment. How can we help make your working life easier? How can our data help you better convey the importance of our natural environment to your clients, help you plan effective ecological surveys, and make recommendations to your clients?

We’d also like to work with you to ensure that the valuable data you collect can be shared and used by us all to improve our common understanding of the biodiversity of Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Come along on the 29th January to hear about the new data insight and analysis services we have available and share with us your ideas for how we can best work together.

Booking here is essential for this popular, free to attend event!

If you can’t make the 29th January, there is space in the booking form to let us know your views, so please fill it in to help us to help you.


9:00 - 9:30 - Registration, Breakfast & Networking 

9:30 - 11:00 - Presentation & Discussion covering

  • Demo of data search reports & new data insight packages
  • Discussion of how we can help you
  • Demo of data collection forms & discussion on data sharing
  • AOB (you tell us!)

11:00 - 11:30 - Coffee and Networking

11:30 - Departure

Please note that parking on site is limited so we advise car sharing whenever possible. 

Data insight packages being demonstrated:

GCN package

This package includes GCN records, ponds and GCN risk zones accessed through our partnership with NatureSpace.  Together these data enable an assessment of the likelihood of GCN being found on or near a target search area and options for mitigating impacts on them.  These data can be displayed as a map, or potentially provided as GIS data.

Swift package

This package includes swift records, swift activity hotspots and advice for developers and others in avoiding and mitigating impacts on swifts.  These data can be displayed as a map or provided as GIS data.  They provide an indication of the likely presence of swifts in your target search area and highlight possible impacts on this iconic bird.

Species distribution models

This package will include species distribution models for species of planning and conservation importance. An SDM creates a map of habitat suitability based on the records TVERC hold for the species in question and a large selection of environmental variables. We are planning to offer that information for these key species within a target search area to suggest what ecological surveys may need to be undertaken.

Posted: January 10, 2020