TVERC Project Update: Oxfordshire Trees

It has been a very busy summer here at TVERC, with some incredibly interesting and worthwhile project work coming in. The most significant of these is a project to enable wider tree planting across Oxfordshire. We have been working with Jamie Hartzell and Victoria McNamara to select parcels of land that have the potential for tree planting without compromising their current land-use.


TVERC will be undertaking the brunt of the technical work for this project, with Jamie and Victoria leading the outreach and consultation process. The technical work will involve analysing a detailed geodatabase developed by TVERC in collaboration with Alison Smith, a researcher at Oxford University specialising in Natural Capital. TVERC will select suitable packages of land for the 9 possible treescapes:

  1. Woodland
  2. Silvo-pasture
  3. Silvo-arable
  4. Hedgerows
  5. Community Orchards
  6. Commercial Orchards
  7. Lines of Trees
  8. Garden Trees
  9. New Parkland

The selection process will involve detailed criteria for each treescape. Following the initial selection TVERC will perform some data analysis to determine the likely impact of the proposed treescapes on Ecosystem Services, allowing the prioritisation of those parcels likely to offer a significant improvement in ecosystem services.

This is a fascinating project that could yield serious improvements to Oxfordshire environment, and encapsulates the complex data analysis that TVERC can provide for organisations looking to improve the environment through data driven decision making.

Posted: September 1, 2020