Report contents

A standard search includes:

  • PDF report
  • Excel spreadsheet of species (up to 2km)
  • EITHER PDF maps of sites and habitats OR GIS datasets (up to 5km*).
  • Webmap

* For search areas greater than a 10km square, or a 5km buffer around a site, you should request a data licence, rather than a data search. Data will be provided as GIS or Excel files.


A standard search includes protected, notable and invasive species recorded within the search area between 1995 and 2022 for amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish, higher plants, butterflies, moths and dragonflies; and between 1960 and 2022 for all other species. See “Species Status Guidance” for more information. Our database includes over 4 million species records, of which over 734,000 are protected, notable or invasive. If you would like information on records prior to the specified cut-off dates or on species which are not protected, notable or invasive, please state this in the comments box of the data request form.

Great Crested Newt Package

The Great Crested Newt (GCN) package builds on our experience of data analysis and presentation to provide a product to support ecological decision making for this important species. The package includes data on GCN occurence (both positive and negative records), suitable habitats within the search area, and NatureSpace's GCN Risk Zones (results presented as a webmap as an example). 


A standard search includes the following sites. See “Guidance on Statutory and Non-Statutory Wildlife Site Designations” for more information.

  • RAMSAR sites
  • Special Areas of Conservation
  • Special Protection Areas
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • National Nature Reserves
  • Local Nature Reserves
  • Local Wildlife Sites
  • Proposed Local Wildlife Sites and Extensions
  • NGO properties / Nature Reserves
  • Local Geological Sites
  • Other sites e.g. District Wildlife Sites or sites managed by local groups.
  • Conservation Target Areas / Biodiversity Opportunity Areas


A standard search maps NERC Act Section 41 habitats of principal importance (previously UKBAP priority habitats) and Phase 1 habitat classification habitats. See “Habitats and Land Use Guidance” for more information.

Data Coverage

You can find out more information on data coverage here.