Kestrel © Dr Helen S Miller 2011
Kestrel © Dr Helen S Miller 2011

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TVERC aims to hold all available information about the plants, animals, wildlife habitats and important wildlife and geological sites in Berkshire and Oxfordshire that is well curated, maintained and accessible for decision-making.

TVERC holds a database of over 4.5 million species records plus Local Wildlife Site and Local Geological Site boundaries and information and NERC Act S41 Habitats of Principal importance (previously called UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority habitats) and other habitat data.

We also hold the boundary data for Conservation Target Areas in Oxfordshire and Biodiversity Opportunity Areas in Berkshire. These landscape-scale conservation areas are used by the Berkshire Local Nature Partnership and Wild Oxfordshire to coordinate biodiversity work in Berkshire & Oxfordshire.

We can provide you with the following data for Berkshire and Oxfordshire:

TVERC will provide access to the information that it holds. Access will be controlled in accordance with policies on ownership, confidentiality, charging, data exchange agreements with suppliers, and priority levels imposed by management.