Data searches & licencing – price increase

Effective from 1st April 2024, TVERC will be implementing some changes to ensure the continued collection, analysis, and provision of vital biodiversity data.

These changes will involve an increase in charges, which have remained unchanged since 2020. Nevertheless, TVERC emphasizes the importance of maintaining a fast, efficient service. Therefore, standard searches will continue to be completed within 3 working days; and for those requiring speedy results, our fast-track service will guarantee results by the next working day.

In addition, your valuable feedback is being heard! We are currently working on improving our data search reports. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see included in these, we encourage you to get in touch (

The new charges can be found below, and will be updated on our Data Search Charges page from 1st April, or you can use our Cost Calculator to check the price of specific combinations of data.

The new data search charges are shown below, the base fee will be £68 for all data searches.

Standard charges for data searches (excluding VAT)

Why request data from TVERC?

Fundamental to the conservation of biodiversity is evidence. Knowing where species and habitats are, and how that’s changed over time, helps inform where best to create and manage habitats to restore nature, how to ensure species are protected from the impacts of development, or what steps to take to prevent future declines. With over 4.5 million species records, extensive data on habitats and information about Local Wildlife and Geological site, TVERC is a data hub for Oxfordshire and Berkshire, providing this critical information to local decision-makers. You can find out more about TVERC data here.

The data TVERC hold in our database takes time to collect and manage. This work is carried out by both volunteers and paid staff to ensure the data we hold and provide to you is of a high quality and we can keep our charges as low as possible. TVERC charges for the time involved in managing, processing and extracting the data and producing presentable results and not for the data itself. You can find out more about our data charging policy here.

Posted: March 19, 2024