Oxfordshire’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre are supporting Oxfordshire County Council to meet government guidance to support species in Oxfordshire through the Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS).  We are asked to create a manageable, realistic, and ambitious short-list of species who need support in Oxfordshire as well as actions and locations that can be taken to help them survive or recover.  

Species workshop 

A big thanks to those of you who already helped to shape a longlist of species that we now have for Oxfordshire. These are species that we now need to sort into ‘habitat assemblages’. By sorting them we aim to understand (1) which species will benefit from the wider habitat improvements being recommended through the LNRS and (2) which species need different habitat-related actions that people and organisations in Oxfordshire would need to focus on most urgently.  

If you would like to be part of this workshop, join us at the TVERC Spring Recorders Conference on the 16th March 2024.  Book your place here.

Help us create wider environmental priorities for Oxfordshire 

We are also creating an initial longlist of environmental priorities from people across Oxfordshire. To help with this you can also use our online survey to tell us about the outcomes and actions that you think are most important for biodiversity (animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms) in Oxfordshire by the 31st March 2024.  

If you prefer to attend an in-person event you can sign up to workshops here if they feel relevant for you: Oxfordshire’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy | Eventbrite 

Posted: February 23, 2024