Business Planning

Business Plan

TVERC have a Business Plan which sets out how TVERC is run.

The current Business Plan (PDF) covers five financial years from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2022.

A revised business plan will be developed during 2022/23. In the interim the principles of the current business plan are being followed.

Annual work priorities & reporting

Work priorities are set annually and presented to the Steering Group by the Director for approval in the January preceding each new financial year. Annual Reports are produced in May each year (for the previous year) and are available to view and download on the Annual Reports page.

Partner Memorandum of Understanding

TVERC have an MoU with all their funding partners. This is not a legally binding document; its purpose is to set out clearly what is expected of the funding partners, the TVERC Director, the Steering Group and the Hosting Organisation (Oxfordshire County Council) to ensure that TVERC continues to run efficiently and effectively, for the benefit of all data-providors and data-users. The MoU consists of:

- Memorandum of Understanding for the Maintenance of TVERC

- Hosting Agreement with Oxfordshire County Council (Annex A)

- Steering Group Terms of Reference (Annex B)

- Example of annual services provided to Partners (Annex C)