Data quality

All the data we make available is carefully checked before being added to our database. If we are uncertain as to the validity of a record, it is not added to our database. This ensures the information we provide is guaranteed to be high quality.

How data is checked for quality:

  1. All records entered into the database have their central grid references checked against computerised maps and aerial photos before being entered unless they come from sources where this has already been done or the location has been provided by the original recorder by clicking on a map.
  2. Most records received by TVERC are from wildlife recorders who are known to us and are known to be expert in their particular field. Such data is regarded by TVERC as being “self-verified” in other words TVERC does not recheck identifications.
  3. Data from ecological professionals is also regarded as self-verified.
  4. Records submitted by members of the public or other “non-experts” are either verified by TVERC staff, or records from difficult taxa are referred to local experts such as county recorders for validation.
  5. TVERC imports records from online platform iRecord. We only import records that have been verified by iRecord verifiers who are experts in ther chosen taxon group.
  6. TVERC imports research grade iNaturalist records via iRecord.
  7. TVERC has agreements with a number of county recorders that all records received by TVERC are automatically sent to them for verification. Moth records are a good example.